Did you ever wonder how the old Japanese drink their tea? Do they use a big, robust mug, or a refined porcelain cup? During tea ceremonies Japanese tea lovers can choose this cup, a artisanal made tea glass. They come in two sizes, 100 milliliters and 120 milliliters. Being made by hand these cups are not clear, the glas contains small bubbles. The little bubbles have more than one function. For one, they help to stabilize the temperature of you tea by isolation. By making sure your tea will not cool off to quick, it will taste better! Second the bubbles make sure that you can hold your cup of tea and not burn your hands! Done with your small cup of tea? Just pop it in the dishwasher!


  • Tea sort Glasware

Price per piece

  • 0,12L € 16.95
  • 0,10L € 13.95


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