What could be better than presenting tea in a teabox? You guessed it right, serving your tea in a handmade teabox! 
Our handmade tea boxes havebeen handmade for many years, to guarantee the highest quality for you. 

This 6-compartment handmade teabox is multi-usable, so it can be used for loose tea, glass sachets or pouch sachets. Together with the teabox, brassplates are supplied with a description of the variety and taste. With the box you have the option to fill it in according to your preference. As a result, your tea box is not only an example of quality, but you can completely adjust the teabox to your personal taste!

Please contact our customer service via; or (+31) 78 - 615 86 18


Price per piece

  • One size € 127.95


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