Yunnan, a beautiful tea province

19 dec 2022 7 minutes leestijd


Yunnan is one of the oldest tea provinces in tea history and even has tea plants that are about 1500 years old. If we translate Yunnan into Dutch, we arrive at the Misty South, which also indicates the humid climate of the province.

The Yunnan tea and its different varieties are among the best known in the world. Just think of the Pu Erh tea. But in the beginning, it was only the surrounding areas that drank the delicious Yunnan tea.

It was only once the tea was pressed into teacakes that the tea made its way to Tibet to conquer the world. The various dynasties in China also wanted to put their own name on the delicious Pu Erh. For example, the name of the tea was first Pu Cha before it got its final name Pu Erh.

What makes Yunnan's tea so different from the other provinces of China is that it uses six mountain systems. Due to the different mountains there is the possibility to create a microclimate in different places. The temperature also remains almost the same and wonderfully sultry warm, which is perfect for the tea leaves.

The respect for the centuries old tea traditions and few tourist routes ensures that these tea areas can be preserved as they used to be. This makes Yunnan Province a truly unique experience.

Yunnan and its tea

In the Yunnan province we know the green tea, the black tea and the Pu Erh tea.
Of course, each tea has different subdivisions into plantations and processing processes, but you could write a book about that.

The green tea in Yunnan has been produced since ancient times. This light golden infusion has an intense floral taste. The long-lasting sweet aftertaste of this tea completes it.

The black tea in Yunnan has not been produced for very long. The demand for the black tea did not arise until the 20th century. This beautiful dark gold blend has a wonderfully strong and full flavor that lingers in the mouth for a very long time. The demand for the black tea got bigger and bigger, so that several manufacturers even stopped producing green tea and started to focus only on black tea and Pu Erh.

The most famous tea from Yunnan is the Pu Erh tea. Here too you have a subdivision by means of the degree of fermentation that the Pu Erh undergoes. So you have the Sheng Pu Erh, the Shu Pu Erh and the White Pu Erh. Pu Erh can be found in loose form, but also in Tea Cakes. These tea tiles are truly unique. You can compare them with a good wine that improves in taste every year.

Golden Yunnan or something more fruity?

The Chinese province of Yunnan, with its borders to Laos, Vietnam, Burma and Tibet, is believed to be the oldest tea-producing country in the world. It is home to the world's first tea plantations and tea gardens. This tea is produced in March and April in the humid and cool mountain air. China Golden Yunnan is known for its full, honeyed taste and delicate fragrance.

If you prefer a fruity green blend, our Bali Monkey Fruit is definitely for you. This green tea is enriched with banana, strawberry and fresh marigold blossom. It is a pleasant and naturally sweet tea that takes you to the sun for a while.

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