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    Every two seconds somewhere in the world little girls are forced to get married, often with man who are way older. Worldwide twelve million girls are the victim of child marriage before the age of eighteen. And just when you think it can not get any worse, one in every nine girls is younger than fifteen years old. What were you doing when you were fifteen? Not getting married, right? 

    A child marriage is a awful violation of basic children’s rights with lifelong consequences for the victims. Young and vulnerable children are handed to total strangers. They can forget about school, they can forget about a basic education. Let alone a future in which they can bloom into young, happy and successful women. Besides mental abuse and robing young children of their chances in life, children who are being married-off are often victims of domestic and physical violence.

    It is the mission of Cycle for Plan to give children in Africa the possibilities to get an education and be their own person. Many of us have been given the freedom the grow, to go to school and play sports with friends and, most of all, make our own choices. This all because our crib was in a good and healthy environment. This is something we wish for all children in the world. And that is why we partnered up with one of Cycle for Plans most enthusiastic ambassadors. 

    You can help too! By buying our Malawi Rooibos herbal tea you directly contribute to this amazing and much needed battle because we donate all profits to Cycle for Plan! Making the world better with every cup of tea. 

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