Green Iced Tea

17 Jun 2020 2 minuten reading time


O yes! Summer! Late nights, dinners with friends and long summer evenings spend in great company! What could make this night even better? We will help you. The best homemade and sugarfree iced tea! 


12 gram Japan Green Sencha or Green Lemon Sencha
1 T-Sac size 2
500 milliliter water 70ºC
500 milliliter ice cubes 
Get your fanciest karaf with at least 1 liter content
Lime, mint leaves or ginger 

How to prepare; 

What do you prefer? Pure green tea or something extra with lime? Both are delicious so you can not go wrong! Fill up the T-Sac with the tea and let it steep for 3 minutes in the karaf. Make sure your water is not to hot because that will make you tea bitter. When the tea is properly infused remove the T-Sac and add the ice cubes. 

Add some lime, mint leaves or ginger to and enjoy!

Looking for something special? Switch 250 milliliters of plain water for sparkling water! 

Not satisfied yet? Hmm.. for that little bite and spiciness add a small string of fresh red pepper! Do not overdo it and let this unusual tea ingredient surprise you! 

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