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Tea is a precious product, it has a rich history and comes, just like we humans, in many shapes and sizes. We hope, through the tea training, to convey a piece of that history and culture to our relations. In collaboration with our partners, the absolute top of the hospitality industry and the distinctive establishments, we set ourselves the goal of being able to offer every guest a unique tea experience. During our training of +/- 3 hours we teach you everything about tea, how you can prepare the best tea and how you can translate all this knowledge into the perfect cup for your guest in. Of course we do this while enjoying many tasting tests! We have a wide range of distinctive teas of the highest possible quality and we want to focus on creating the best personal experience for your guest. Exclusive tea is what we offer, but culture is what we want to share.

During our tea training we teach you about the different types of tea, we talk about the history of our beautiful product, we taste an incredible amount and we discuss how we can translate this knowledge into the perfect service to your guest. Our goal is to always create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere in which there is room for questions and creativity. Before we develop a tailor-made program, we discuss the needs of our partners. Are you looking for specific information, do you lack knowledge in certain areas and how can we best help out? Please contact us for more information, we are happy to help you further!

What is Tea Academy?

At our Tea Academy, you will learn everything you need to know to serve your guests with the perfect cup of tea. You learn about the history of tea, but also about perfect preparation. For example, about the differences between black, green and white tea, and we are going to taste them all.

For who is Tea Academy?

The Tea Academy is exclusively for our partners and companies. The costs for our training are € 1150 excluding VAT. The minimum number of participants is 8, the maximum number is 15 participants per training. Training takes 3 hours on average.

What we'll do

What we'll learn

History of tea

Where does is come from?

Tea production

How is tea been made? 

The ritual

How to drink tea? 

How do you make real tea?

How we translate this into practice?

Iced tea in the summer?

How to stimulate the sale of your cold brew? 

Green, black, and white tea? 

We taste them all!


Tea Cultures

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