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The essence of tea

It’s about uniting people

Teacultures are defined by the way tea is made and consumed, by the way people interact with tea, and by the aesthetics surrounding tea drinking. We combine exceptional quality and exclusive concepts, for tea-lovers who take their tea moment serious. We are about exclusive quality, and the way we look at the world. It’s a way of life. It’s about uniting people.

Real tea

What it's all about

Tea is precious, it has a rich history and comes, just like us humans, in many different shapes and forms. We hope, true training and sharing knowledge, to pass on a piece of that history and culture to our clients. We share a common goal with our partners, the absolute top of the hospitality industry, the people who are working with a vision. That goal is to create a unique experience for every individual guest.


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Bio and Fairtrade

Discover our new Tea Leaves Collection! Beautiful full leave, quality tea that not only looks amazing, but tastes great as well. Our Tea Leaves Collection consists out of 15 different green, black and white teas and herbal blends that are not only organic but fairtrade as well. This way we do not only make amazing tasting tea in a great packaging, we also work on making the world a little bit beter; cup by cup!

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Green tea

Green tea is an amazing product and originates from the tea bush, just like black tea, yellow tea and white tea. We have beautiful teas from Japan, grown on the slopes hills of Mount Fuji. Or let us tell you about our amazing tea from China. Grown in one of the most beautiful vallies of the province Zhejiang. The tea leaves are growing in the untouched nature, free of pollution. 

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Black tea

What distinguishes black tea from other teas is the much heavier oxidation of the tea leaves. In general, black teas contain more caffeine and also have a stronger taste. Our black teas come from, among other places, Sri Lanka and China. In our collection you will find among other things the classic black teas such as Classic Strong English, China Golden Yunnan and Traditional Earl Grey. 

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