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13 May 2021 3 minutes reading time

The terraces are open again and that gives a lot of hope for the summer. That is why it is important to prepare well for this season, with beautiful seasonal tea. Today the blog is all about 'fruit tea' otherwise known as the tea of summer.

Fruit tea- tea or infusion?

Fruit tea consists of an infusion of different dried fruits and is therefore not actually a real tea. In the Netherlands the name fruit tea is usually carried, even though it is actually not tea. Fruit tea therefore does not contain caffeine. Fruit tea has become increasingly popular in recent years, with strong growth mainly in Europe. This tea is increasingly used for iced tea recipes, for example. As a basis for a fruit tea, a hibiscus or rose hip is always used. This can be varied endlessly with all kinds of fruits. Use fruits that are in season at that time. For the summer exotic fruits such as mango or pineapple and in the winter with apple and kiwi for example. Fruit tea is also very versatile. You can drink your tea hot or a cold.
 This blog is mainly about dried fruits. You can make much better fruit juices with fresh fruit.

Rose hip tea

As the name suggests, rose hip tea is made from rose hip. These are the fruits that grow on the rose plant. Rose hip is available almost everywhere, they grow in Europe, Asia, North and South America. The rose hip plant comes in many different types and variants, but rose hip tea is mainly made from the rose hips of the dog rose plant and the egelantier. Rose hip tea has a soft color and taste. In addition, it is good for your health! Rose hip tea is packed with vitamin C and increases resistance to ailments such as the common cold.

Hibiscus tea

The hibiscus plant is a plant that can reach a height of about 2.5 meters and grows mostly in tropical countries, mainly Asia. Hibiscus tea itself is made from the calyxes of the roselle or the Hibiscus sabdariffa. The fleshy calyxes of the hibiscus plant turn bright red in color and are then ready to be grown. Originally, hibiscus tea originates from ancient Egypt. In the Arab countries they love this tea and the tea is called “kardash”, which means fruit tea. The hibiscus tea is known for its fresh sour taste and deep red color. Like the rose hip tea, this tea is full of vitamin C and is known for its diuretic and antihypertensive effect.
Hibiscus is not only used to make delicious tea, but also as a coloring agent. The coloring agent is a natural substance and is therefore very suitable for giving syrups a beautiful color.

Combinations with fruit tea

At Tea Cultures we have a number of delicious fruit tea recipes ready. Our favorite is the Tropical fruit cold brew. This is a simple, but also delicious iced tea. Highly recommended fresh drink for the summer months.

For more delicious recipes, take a look at Living Tea Cultures or on our website.

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