A delicious Earl Grey with a natural aroma

5 May 2022 5 minutes reading time

What are aromas

We have been using aromas for years to provide our food with delicious taste and aroma. Just think of soft drinks or alcoholic drinks such as liqueur. Aromas are also used in the various tea blends to provide the tea with a unique aroma and taste. Three different types of aromas can be distinguished.

A first aroma are the natural aromas. This aroma is extracted directly from a plant or fruit. It is a purely physical process where any chemical process is prohibited.

We can also add nature-identical aromas to the list. These types of aromas are created by a chemical process, but the final result is identical to the substance of a natural product.

Finally, there are also the Artificial or synthetic flavors. These aromas are completely extracted by chemical processes, but unlike nature identical aromas have no natural equivalent. These may only be used if their food safety can be demonstrated.

At Teacultures we do not work with artificial aromas. This is because we want to be bound with the naturalness of the tea. You can find our aromas, for example, in a delicious Earl Grey, known for its wonderful scent and fresh character.

Commonly used aromas

One of the most commonly used aromas are the citrus fruit aromas. We mainly know this aroma from the delicious Earl Gray blend. The fruit flavors are also often added to blends, such as strawberry, mango or raspberry.

There are also the herbal aromas, such as vanilla and cinnamon, and also the floral aromas, the most famous of which is the aroma of jasmine blossoms.

Some tea blends are also enriched with sweet flavor aromas. This term includes aromas of chocolate, marzipan and caramel.

We can therefore conclude that an aroma can enrich your tea with a delicious taste and smell to make the tea come to a beautiful whole.

Enjoy our delicious Traditional Earl Grey

Today there are so many different types of tea. Not only the pure varieties, but also various blends with thousands of ingredients.

It doesn't always have to be a blend with different ingredients. Sometimes you don't need a delicious Traditional Earl Gray with a refined taste.

The Traditional Earl Gray is one of the most popular teas in the world and for good reason. Our Traditional Earl Gray contains teas from Sri Lanka, Assam and China and is enriched with an oil from the cold-pressed rind of the unripe Bergamia Citrus, also known as the bergamot fruit. This blend comes from Great Britain and owes its name to its first lover; Count Charles Grey. This tea is known for its great fragrance, fresh taste and rich history.

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