The Jasmine Dragon Pearl is an entirely hand crafted and top quality green tea. This tea is picked at 500 to 800 meter elevation, rolled and processed in spring and cold stored until the Jasmine flowers are ready to blossom. This night-blooming flowers are picked in the early morning when the air is foggy and the petals are closed again, and are then mixed with the dried green tea leafs. This scenting process is repeated with fresh flowers for a total of 6 times and will take over a month.


  • Tea sort Green tea
  • Water temperature 80º
  • Water advice Low mineral water
  • Infusion time 3 á 5
  • Grams per cup 2
  • Grams per liter 12

Price per piece

  • 100 grams loose leaf tea € 23.95
  • 450 grams loose leaf tea € 104.95


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