A full leaf green tea, grown on a small, high up tea garden in the sloping, hard to reach mountains of the Chinese province Zhejiang. The province is named after the river Qiantang Jiang which is filled with fresh mountain water and swirls through the lowland. This spring tea has a fragrant scent and thanks its delicate taste to the fresh uncontaminated mountain water of the river which flows nearby the tea gardens.


  • Tea sort Green tea
  • Water temperature 80 º
  • Water advice Low mineral water
  • Infusion time 2 minutes
  • Grams per cup 2 grams
  • Grams per liter 12 grams

Price per piece

  • 50 handmade tea pouches € 35.95
  • 50 grams loose leaf tea € 9.95
  • 250 grams loose leaf tea € 42.95


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