The perfect presentation

How do you serve your tea?

  Without an amazing presentation, no amazing margins. With small adjustments you can turn your everyday cup of tea into an unique experience.

Your presentation matters

When you have selected the best tea, then we have completed step one. Let’s start with the presentation! How do you want to present this amazing tea. Would you like to serve your tea from a handmade tea box? Or do you prefer to serve your tea in one of our Ritzenhof personalized glasses? We would love to brainstorm about all the possibilities, because those are endless! 

What we do is we create. We think about your tea selection, how are you going to present this tea to your guests and what really suits your needs? When working with our clients we develop private concepts. That is why our clients have a unique and distinctive tea presentation. Let our product suit your needs. 

Correct presentation of your tea is key when you want to offer something different to your guest. Small adjustments make a big difference for you, for your guest, and last but not least; for you margin.

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