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  Did you know that in the hospitality industry tea is, coming second to water, the most profitable product you can sell your guests?

Working together for the best cup of tea

An amazing tea assortment consists out of a well balanced combination of known teas and the more surprising, maybe even unknown specialties. Combine an amazing Traditional Earl Grey with a Japanese green tea. Or maybe even a white tea of yellow tea. It is not only a chance for your guests to try something new, but also for you, as the host, to offer something unique! 

When we partner up with a new client we make sure we offer a unique assortment which suits your needs and wishes. We have an standart assortment of 30 teas in which you can find many variations and different sorts. Thereby we work with suppliers from al over the world who constantly send us new products. We love to share these unique sorts with you, our partner. 

Let us help you to create the best tea experience for your guests. Please get in touch with our service and we would love to personally meet you and get acquainted with you business!

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