Different herbal teas like mint leaves and rooibos needles have found their way into the heart of tea lovers. Vervain is still somewhat unknown. It has more than one name or title so you might know it as verbain, vervain or verbena. Dutch herbal drinkers call it "ijzerhard or ijzerkruid" referring to its iron rich qualities. It has a refreshing taste with delicious refreshing hints of lemon. It does not contain caffeine which makes it a delicious late night cup of tea. 

Taste description: citrus, fresh and powerful


  • Tea sort Bio and Fairtrade
  • Water temperature 100 º
  • Water advice Low mineral water
  • Grams per cup 2
  • Grams per liter 12

Price per piece

  • 25 individual packed tea pouches € 6.99


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