Yellow tea from the Huang Shan Yellow Mountains in the Chinese province Anhui. These mountains are known for their Pinus Hwanshanensis Pine trees, natural hot springs and once in a lifetime sunsets. Since 1990 these mountains and the surrounding nature are part of UNESCO’s World Heritage list. This yellow tea is light in colour and has a sweet, nutty flavour thanks to its unique drying process. After freshly picked leaves are dried they cover the tea with a warm, moist cloth for a few hours so the aroma is detained in the leaves. 


  • Tea sort Yellow tea
  • Water temperature 80 º
  • Water advice Low mineral water
  • Infusion time 2 minutes
  • Grams per cup 2 grams
  • Grams per liter 12 grams

Price per piece

  • 50 grams loose leaf tea € 10.95
  • 250 grams loose leaf tea € 31.95
  • 50 handmade tea pouches € 31.95


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