Matcha is green tea from the land of the rising sun, Japan. The really good matcha is made from the highest quality tea leaves. In the last 20 days of the growing proces the tea plants are transferred to shadow rich place. Being in the shadows slows down the growing proces off the leaves, which stimulates making of leaf greens. This results in a intens green leaf with loads of antioxidants and a decrease in the concentration of amino-sours. When the 20 days have passed the leaves are picked, and this selection is very strict. Only the best and nothing less. 

The leaves are slowly dried and stripped from stems and grains. When the leaves are dried, they are pulverized under big milestones. This proces takes a long time and progresses really slow because the milestones can not get too hot due to friction which can have a negative effect on the quality and taste of the tea. It can take over one hour to produce 30 grams of matcha tea. 

The highest quality matcha can be recognized bye its delicate and almost sweet scent with deep, green taste and tones of umami. Sorts picked and processed later in the season can taste a little bitter.


  • Tea sort Matcha
  • Water temperature 70º
  • Water advice Low mineral water
  • Infusion time 2
  • Grams per cup 2
  • Grams per liter 10

Price per piece

  • 30 grams can € 25.95


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